Beyond delicious….

…..and available everywhere I found these at the southwest corner of Elston and Webster. Amelanchiers are easy to grown and found all over the city.  There are a few different species.  The fruit is delicious and pest-free. Try to beat the birds to them, you won’t be sorry. Think I’m the only one who thinksContinue reading “Beyond delicious….”

Where did our fresh vegetables used to come from?

Fresh food. My dad tells me of his childhood trips across Cleveland by car to get to the airport, and of all the hothouses they used to pass along the way. Apparently the high cost of energy killed them off by the 70’s.  Mind you, this is before geo-thermal, modern solar, or any of the newerContinue reading “Where did our fresh vegetables used to come from?”

The ABOGO Lifestyle…..

To get a proper picture of the costs of housing, it is important to quantify the costs of transportation. Curious how your address compares? Plug it into the abogo calculator provided by the Center for Neighborhood Technology. This is one of the issues that HUD, EPA, and the Department of Transportation are trying to addressContinue reading “The ABOGO Lifestyle…..”

Green Infrastructure! ….in progress

I have a project underway. I was able to admire my green infrastructure during last night’s rain. What a thing of beauty – the water travels out the downspout and to the raingarden area.  In spite of the shady location and very gluey black clay, the water infiltrates quite quickly – thank you honeylocust tree!Continue reading “Green Infrastructure! ….in progress”

Bloomingdale – Albany – Whipple, Chicago Park #554!

Park opening! Complete with ribbon cutting ceremony!

Boxing the Garden Soil

The boxes were constructed by a friend of the client.  He grew up laying forms for concrete which is not so different from retaining soil. Our boxes are of 2″x10″ treated lumber. There is a plastic membrane separating the soil and wood. The box must be strong in two ways.  It must stay in placeContinue reading “Boxing the Garden Soil”