Gangway Drainage Solution….. Refining the Grading & Getting Ready to Lay Some Gravel and Drainpipe

Peter Hoy is working on the fine grading and the team is checking the depth of our trench. We are creating a green infrastructure drainage solution to trapped water in a gangway. By directing the water to a trench that ends in a dry well in the front yard, the water will no longer be […]

Side Yard Transformation……. with reclaimed and remnant pavers, complete with drainage solution

The undisturbed subgrade pitches sharply away from the house, encouraging the water to go away from the house, and into the french drain channel.  The pea gravel base drains freely and quickly, and also provides a lot of storage area for water interstitially. Pea gravel joints were used in the irregular flagstone area, and for […]


Red Raspberry season is here! Raspberries are nearly zero maintenance and pest-free. The fruit is rarely stolen by birds, squirrels, or other urban critters. I recommend planting yourself a patch. Confining them between a sidewalk and a garage or other barriers keeps them from spreading too much. Delicious!

Rain Garden – plants in!

The Rain Garden was installed last fall, and topped with pine fines mulch for the winter.  This spring, we refined the grading and removed most of the mulch for use in other areas. The soil at this site is extremely sandy, so standing water will be rare.  We installed native sedges in the lowest areas […]

Salvage & Remnants…. another one almost in!

This patio is in a narrow side yard. Under the patio is a bed of stone allowing the rainwater to escape away frm the house into a french drain running under the far edge of the patio. The materials are a combination of cut bluestone remnants and salvaged sandstone flagstones. When completed, plants along the […]