about Re-Ecology LTD

Re-Ecology LTD provides
• Landscape Architecture
• Ecological Stewardship
• Lands Management

A Re-Ecology project seeks to provide a better system of landscape health on a site that was previously landscaped and managed in a conventional manner.

 I developed the term re-ecology, as it emotes an understanding and acknowledgement that we cannot create what Mother Nature provided us, but we can do better and better at providing helpful natural elements in our built and impacted places, and that the ecological services these areas provide matter.

Re-Ecology does not claim to be ecological restoration, instead, it is a re-creating and allowing of naturally-inspired living system on currently un-natural or damaged place.

-Alexia Paul, RLA, LEED AP

founder, president, Re-Ecology, LTD

Re-Ecology LTD was organized in 2019, after the founder, Alexia Paul decided that to provide her clients the landscapes she was creating, she could best fulfill the needs by provided and expanded service offering by a different kind of company than a design studio could. Semiramis Studio was founded by Alexia Paul, RLA, ASLA, LEED® AP, and organized in 2007.

Re-Ecology LTD

(formerly dba/ Semiramis Studio)

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