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Packages & Fees Guide

Each project is unique. The costs below are guidelines based on our experience, and are provided as a place to start. We custom design each project.

Hardscape, Arborist work, structures, complex water features or swimming pools, or other features may significantly affect project costs and level of design effort.

Your project, property, and needs are unique, and so, we provide the information below for reference only.

We provide phasing recommendations, and stewardship maintenance recommendations, as part of the project planning and design process.


Our Residential service area includes Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Highwood, Fort Sheridan, and south to Chicago

For large projects outside our service area, we can negotiate and/or find a service partner

Garden/ Raingarden/ other small area

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Addressing drainage problems with green stormwater infrastructure and plantings, in an integrated manner, and/or creating birds- and pollinator-friendly gardens.

  • design $900 – $1500
  • construction $3500 – $12,000
  • stewardship of plantings, one year, priced per project
  • raingardens
  • dry creeks
  • french drains
  • raingarden plantings
  • pollinator gardens

Front Yard, or Rear Yard

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Defined area, typically front or rear yard, which may include various hardscape and landscape improvements. Complexity of project will drive the design fee; and materials and quantity are variable cost factors for installation.

  • design $1500 – $3000
  • construction $8000 – $18,000, plus hardscape & structures
  • stewardship of plantings, one year, priced per project
  • native trees, shrubs, plantings
  • “front door” feature plantings
  • outdoor entertainment areas, firepits, more
  • address drainage
  • activity areas, privacy, etc

Typical Lot Homesite

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Design and installation for entire lot. Site plan, landscape plan, stewardship & gardening recommendations; phasing recommendations. Improvements may range from plantings to hardscape or amenities.

  • design $3200 – $6000
  • construction $24,000 – $60,000
  • stewardship of plantings, one year, priced per project
  • hardscape
  • amenities
  • plantings
  • naturalized landscapes
  • drainage & stormwater

Large Property – Home or Farm

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Service level determined project – by – project. Long term planning and incremental improvements are typical for this type of project’s needs.

  • design $5000 +
  • construction (often phased over multiple years)
  • stewardship of plantings, and other services tbd
  • estates
  • working estates
  • equestrian and polo
  • hunting estates
  • ecological preservation

Corporate campus / academic / eclesiastic

Our staff includes LEED professionals and we specialize in Sustainable Landscapes.

Our typical service area includes Lake County, northern Cook County, and the greater Northeast Illinois region.

For your large project outside our service area, we can negotiate and/or find an appropriate local service partner.

Single Site or Facility

You know what your budget is – capital and maintenance, and we work with you to make the most of it, while supporting the environment, and providing a beautiful setting for your company and employees.

Our favorite projects take a tired, non-native landscape, and transition it to a lush and beautiful native-plant community – based DESIGNED landscape.

  • Beautiful, designed look
  • Reduce or eliminate herbicides
  • Reduce or eliminate regular irrigation costs
  • Address snow management conflicts and dieback
  • Address stormwater

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Campus or large Facility

Long term and large scale planning, and phased design, and implementation. Working with you to define goals and achieve them within your capital and maintenance budgets over time.

Our landscapes are beautiful and functional. We support your sustainability goals.

  • Master planning
  • Site design
  • Incremental improvements
  • Maintenance and stewardship
  • Support for your in-house staff and facilities leadership

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Alexia really knows how to design with native plants, and how to manage the landscape over time so it always looks like intentional design.

Alexia and her team’s insight into plant performance, stewardship, and gardening make keeping things looking great affordable and environmentally friendly .

-G. K

We got a lot of compliments on the headquarters retrofit sustainable landscape they did. I was glad to do it and they were great to work with. Employees seemed to really benefit from being able to enjoy it on lunch and breaks. Morale is everything. You want people to want to come here to work. As a bonus, I have the sustainable landscape awards plaque in the lobby!

-T. Z.

Let’s build something great together.

your sustainable landscape matters

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