our work: a Corporate Re-Ecology

Our region is full of landscapes that could be contributing to the health of our environment. Below, we present a project at a corporate headquarters site who decided to do just that very thing – contribute to the environment, and to their site’s beauty and distinct look.

Our landscape provides a uniquely beautiful and abundant aesthetic, worthy of a worldwide corporate headquarters. This landscape was recognized with a GOLD Award from the Illinois Landscape Contractor Association.

The before and after speaks volumes. We created nearly a quarter of an acre of pollinator-friendly designed native plantings.

While we were managing this landscape, we ceased all pre-emergent herbicide use, and no longer needed irrigation.

We love these projects, and call them “re-ecologies”.

re-ecology (yes… we made up a word)

n. re-ecology: This landscape is a re-ecology – a renewal of a designed landscape to improve ecological value

v. to re-ecology or to re-ecologize: as in to re-ecologize an older, non-native, conventionally maintained designed landscape to be more sustainably maintained, stewarded, and provide more value with less inputs

syn. (there was no word to describe our work) sustainable landscape, sustainable landscape retrofit, ecologically-based landscape, renewed ecologically positive landscape

your sustainable landscape matters

Re-Ecology Land Design