How we work

Our work is rooted in ecological and design principles.

Sustainable Landscapes

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Services Provided:

Evaluation & Recommendations

Often clients reach out to us because they know they need expertise with a comprehensive perspective on all aspects of their site, land, and landscape. We help define your project scope and identify the expertise needed to to properly serve your project needs.

We’ll come to your site, meet with you and provide a prescriptive analysis of your site conditions, including plants, drainage, and other visible conditions.

We can discuss your goals and wishlist, budget, and timeline for implementation. We help identify problems, and define the path to potential solutions.

Many sites have existing trees and landscapes that no amount of money can replace. We help you protect what you have while moving into the future with what you want.

Concept Design & Budgeting

We will work with you to develop design recommendations and budget. We will put together an appropriate team of experts depending on project complexity and level of detail, and project size, so we provide you with information to inform your next steps.

Sometimes the next step means going directly to Final Design & Implementation, and sometimes it means working with you to prepare phasing plans.

Our design services include master planning, budgeting, construction documents, permit documents, and working with other design experts and contractors. Each project is unique, and we are nimble and able to provide you value every step of the way.

Implementation & Landscape Management

A great landscape begins at the end- years later when plants have matured. How do we get there?

We work with your contractor, or with a team we have helped you select, to bring your design to reality.

We design every project with your successful investment in mind. The considerations of long term maintenance and stewardship management are critical.

We include ecological stewardship, stewardship gardening, horticultural needs, and other aspects for a fully served landscape that can grow and thrive over time, while providing the aesthetics intended, and the storm water management and other value you need.

what people have said

I worked with Alexia on a variety of projects at Peter Lindsay Schaudt Landscape Architecture, Inc. and found her to be a very talented and capable Landscape Architect. Her work exhibits a strong attention to detail on every level. Alexia has a wealth of experience that is a welcome addition to every team!

I enjoyed working with Alexia so much that after starting my own company, I have hired Alexia as a consultant!

S. P.

Alexia really knows how to design with native plants, and how to manage the landscape over time so it always looks like intentional design.

Alexia and her team’s insight into plant performance, stewardship, and gardening make keeping things looking great affordable and environmentally friendly .

G. K.

Great Landscape Architectural design can be so integral in the landscape, it can look invisible to the untrained eye. The Re-Ecology LTD team really knows how to do this, and can also put together some great seasonal displays, formal gardens, and other aspects of landscape that can bring beauty throughout the seasons.

M. F.

A happy client is the best form of advertising, and positive word of mouth referrals are where our next “best client” comes from.

Old Salty’s Stone Wallers

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