Re-Ecology LTD creates designed landscapes that support life!

Your Sustainable Landscape Matters

Re-Ecology LTD designs, creates, and provides stewardship for outdoor spaces, for people who have a passion for nature in all of her splendour and bounty.

Landscape Architecture

Ecological Stewardship

Lands Management

June… on a Re-Ecology Project

C’mon…. Let us help you love your land!


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Let’s work together to create and manage your sustainable landscape.

feasibility & analysis; long-term management

design, planning, phasing

implementation management and oversight

August… on a Re-Ecology Project

Playing in the Monarch Butterflies!

the kind of feedback we got on this project:

Our employees consistently complimented us on our recent investment in our corporate headquarters landscape. More people are walking and lunching outside during their breaks. I really like what it has done for moral. It sends the right message.

Sustainable Landscapes start with a desire and goals, and include sustainable landscape design, sustainable landscape management, ecological stewardship, ecological gardening, and long-term commitment to a living landscape that provides a positive contribution to the environment.

Our sustainable landscapes support healthy ecological function, and our built places and needs, too.

We create beautiful landscapes that reflect the abundance of our shared world.

-A Paul, founder Re-Ecology LTD

your sustainable landscape matters

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