Fun Place for Students While They Wait and Gather

In 2017, the Studio was retained to develop a design responding to the school’s need for an area for the children to wait for their rides, chill, and visit with each other.  The stone is a great material in this case, withstanding high traffic, looking interesting and cool, and being educational in that it is a natural material that came from the earth.

The Re-Ecology LTD’s Studio designed the planting concept which was overwhelmingly native species of grasses/ forbs/ and sedges trees and shrubs, as every Re-Ecology intends.  Exceptions included the evergreens, which are a mix of out-of-region, cultivar, and non-natives suited to the unique and difficult roles they are asked to perform in this high-use landscape.

The installation was done by the Client’s landscape contractor, as is the maintenance. The entire project was designed one summer and ready to go for fall admissions, including acquiring the stone chunks from a local supplier.  The Studio’s work also included the design for realigning the curb at the main entrance to accommodate drop-off activities.

Last I saw it was right before school started and their annual flower beds were ablaze with school colors! 

The characters shown in the images are by @KekeKirou. Check out Keke’s work here.

(Re-Ecology LTD fka/Sermiramis Studio)