Green Infrastructure! ….in progress

I have a project underway. I was able to admire my green infrastructure during last night’s rain. What a thing of beauty – the water travels out the downspout and to the raingarden area.  In spite of the shady location and very gluey black clay, the water infiltrates quite quickly – thank you honeylocust tree!Continue reading “Green Infrastructure! ….in progress”

Boxing the Garden Soil

The boxes were constructed by a friend of the client.  He grew up laying forms for concrete which is not so different from retaining soil. Our boxes are of 2″x10″ treated lumber. There is a plastic membrane separating the soil and wood. The box must be strong in two ways.  It must stay in placeContinue reading “Boxing the Garden Soil”

from empty lot ….. to garden! The Bloomingdale Compound’s little slice of heaven.

The first step is to bring in clean garden mix and place it at 18-24″ depth.  It is important to not drive on the soil with equipment. The skidsteer placed the soil and did minor backdragging to grade it.  Hand shoveling was done to finish up the grade and fill in the corners.  Boxes will beContinue reading “from empty lot ….. to garden! The Bloomingdale Compound’s little slice of heaven.”