The VIRTUAL impact conference 2020, by ILCA – happening now!

You can still register and attend the VIRTUAL IMPACT CONFERENCE presented by the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association. Registration is open, and the live event is Friday, 10/23/2020, and not to be missed! Great information sharing happening, including continuing education opportunities and live sessions. Here is a link to the conference website. Please join us! ThisContinue reading “The VIRTUAL impact conference 2020, by ILCA – happening now!”


Sometimes people asked why I started my own company…. many reasons Mostly because I love designing, creating, and managing/stewarding the landscapes we impact, build on, and create. I also found myself on design teams for great landscapes, and some that could have been great, but for the forces of how we manage and steward ourContinue reading ““sustainability””

First installation of 2020!

The first installation of 2020 is in the ground and ready for Spring!

A Look at Summer Abundance, on a Winter’s Afternoon with West Cook Wild Ones and Friends!

I had fun sharing my experiences, observations, and strategies for “re-ecologizing” with Wild Ones, West Cook this past weekend…. Here are a few snippets from the presentation I gave. I discussed plant community-based design, and native-plant-community based design and installation and stewardship gardening, and touched on soil health and, of course, monarchs. Check out theirContinue reading “A Look at Summer Abundance, on a Winter’s Afternoon with West Cook Wild Ones and Friends!”

Spring is …..

Come on a journey with me. I have a tale of butterflies, native plants community-based designed landscapes, and soil life. It is a story of beauty and abundance, design legibility and soils health. I will talk about how to shift the landscape maintenance paradigm to stewardship gardening, and how, on a location with a 30-plusContinue reading “Spring is …..”

Walk the site with me

Please enjoy this tour of a Re-Ecology LTD project! Contact us if you would like more details about this project, or if you would like to transition your corporate site to a sustainable and beautiful landscape! This video was made in December 2018. My role on this project was design and oversight for a specialtyContinue reading “Walk the site with me”