Gangway Drainage Solution….. Refining the Grading & Getting Ready to Lay Some Gravel and Drainpipe


Peter Hoy is working on the fine grading and the team is checking the depth of our trench. We are creating a green infrastructure drainage solution to trapped water in a gangway. By directing the water to a trench that ends in a dry well in the front yard, the water will no longer be trapped between the houses, causing the house foundations to be unnecessarily moist. This project is a collaboration between Let’s Go Chicago and Semiramis Studio. You may recall the Studio installed several raingardens last fall in associaton with The Center for New Technology. Let’s Go Chicago collaborated on a few of those projects, as well.

Published by Alexia Landscape Architect; Re-Ecology LTD

Designing with systems, both natural and man-made, in mind, with a careful consideration of stewardship and maintenance, will go far in creating a sustainable design.

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