Sometimes people asked why I started my own company…. many reasons

Mostly because I love designing, creating, and managing/stewarding the landscapes we impact, build on, and create.

I also found myself on design teams for great landscapes, and some that could have been great, but for the forces of how we manage and steward our landscapes over time. They don’t line up…. sadly, in many situations….

I thought we should manage our lands more like a farmer, a gardener, a parent. We should steward them, encouraging growth, life, abundance and flourishing. After all Beauty is a force of Nature, and Nature is, after all, Beauty.

Lately, I find myself doing more and more explorations of places, and recording thoughts and observations. Not sure where it is going, but it seems a great treat to spend time watching the spring SPRING this year, in the midst of unprecedented times.

You might enjoy this little walk from a few days ago

Delightful Spring Tree Flower Festival

(what is sustainability?)

Published by Alexia Landscape Architect; Re-Ecology LTD

Designing with systems, both natural and man-made, in mind, with a careful consideration of stewardship and maintenance, will go far in creating a sustainable design.

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