Birds! Flyways and storymap, Chicago Area

I ran across this website today. I hope to write more about it later, but suffice to say, this is great info!

If we are going to design, implement, and maintain landscapes, it is our mission to support birds as much as we can.

If you don’t see a picture directly above this sentence, please click the link below. I have many skills but am not an expert with embeds, and I notice the Storymap is not displaying on all platforms! So sorry! Go to their site, please.

(click here to manually load the link if it won’t work – may open another browser window)

Re-Ecology LTD Landscape Architect’s create and implement and steward landscapes that support bird habitat at your home, work, and recreation areas.

Below is a Waterfowl Flyways Map.

I was looking to see if there is an author indicated on the Birds in Chicago Storymap, and it is not apparent, however, please check out their website. Storymaps is part of Enjoy!

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Designing with systems, both natural and man-made, with careful consideration of stewardship and maintenance, will go far in sustainable landscape and sites design.

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